Thursday, 5 January 2012

False start.

I meant to post before today, truly, but after an amazing new year (I'm talking white Russians, sex stories, friends falling head over arse and nearly killing myself falling off a sofa to Auld Lang Syne amazing), I managed to catch a horrible stomach bug - it wasn't pretty and I won't delight anyone reading with details. I think I'm riding it out now and finally starting to feel normal after three days in bed, so after a false start 2012 can truly start with a bang. Bigger and better things. Boom, you know?

I will be back soon with a proper post, rather than empty promises of such. My next post will begin my 2012 journey properly and I hope that I inspire myself, and maybe even someone else, during my ramblings to just get out there and live

I hope anyone reading had an amazing new year, wishing the world the best for this year!

Quil xo

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