Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Well, well, well...

I'm not very good at this blogging business am I?! But, on the plus side of this, I have been writing as if my life depends on it. I've been sorting out all my various story pieces and getting everything organised and on top of that have managed to lose 4 pounds! Slow going, but it's definitely going.

I'm trying to embrace a slower pace of life right now. The economy is pretty rubbish and finding a job is just about impossible for me right now; I either don't have the experience or am too qualified. Someone give a girl a break? I've been told I am a self employed writer, not unemployed (well that's all well and good but where's the money from that, eh?). Guess I'll have to try embrace that as well. I find it hard to sit in my room doing my writing and feel like I'm actually doing something...but, as dear old mum said, it's my destiny. 

Who am I to doubt mum? Especially when she doesn't mollycoddle and make believe. If I was stupid, she'd let me know, and I'm very grateful for that. Don't worry mama, I'll make it someday. 

Until next time!

Quil xo

Thursday, 5 January 2012

False start.

I meant to post before today, truly, but after an amazing new year (I'm talking white Russians, sex stories, friends falling head over arse and nearly killing myself falling off a sofa to Auld Lang Syne amazing), I managed to catch a horrible stomach bug - it wasn't pretty and I won't delight anyone reading with details. I think I'm riding it out now and finally starting to feel normal after three days in bed, so after a false start 2012 can truly start with a bang. Bigger and better things. Boom, you know?

I will be back soon with a proper post, rather than empty promises of such. My next post will begin my 2012 journey properly and I hope that I inspire myself, and maybe even someone else, during my ramblings to just get out there and live

I hope anyone reading had an amazing new year, wishing the world the best for this year!

Quil xo