Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sit back, and have a rethink.

Sometimes even the best intentions yield no results. Sadly, I've got no results. I seem to be in a serious rut in my life. I think it's finishing university and being unemployed, with no real idea what I want to do other than write. The one place I have an active interest in working doesn't seem to want to employ me, and I discovered the hard way that I'm not cut out for fundraising.

Stuck. In. A. Rut. Sigh.

I need to pull myself out of this darkness; it's very unsettling when I feel past issues rising to the surface again, I think my battle with depression will be something I have to fight throughout my life. There always seems to be something else to think about to stress me out or make me worry...I need to learn how to rid myself of the anxiety and panic and just relax. Just breathe.

That's all for now. Hopefully my next post will be complete with fairies, rainbows and unicorns. I hope so anyway. 

Quil xo

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