Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Fresh starts.

Hello and welcome to my blog! It will be anonymous (just call me Quil), so even though no names will be mentioned or personal pictures shown it will be a very personal blog, an online diary of sorts.

As the post title suggests, this blog marks...a fresh start. What better time than returning from a holiday to see things from a new perspective. I've spent too long not embracing exactly who I am. I've always been very open and honest, and never cared for what other people thought of me, but I wanted to get back to basics with myself and my life.

Family, friends, nature, simplicity, Disney, Harry Potter, reading, writing, music, travelling, animals, individuality. Living as happily and peacefully as possible. I have a very hippy, natural mentality and I want to embrace that to its fullest. This blog will chronicle just about everything in my life; from struggles with depression to my literary ambition. My life will be played out, for real and here.

I hope you join me in my journey towards embracing life to its fullest extent, in every way I possibly can.

Here's to living life, having fun & not regretting anything.

Quil xo

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